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This section will carry links to review articles. Synergy Files aims to review not only renewable energy devices present in the market but also products that are anticipating release.

Any product/gadget that helps the user to generate green electricity or reduce the carbon footprint will be reviewed periodically.

The following is the list of products reviewed so far:

1. Product Review: Solar Car Battery Charger

2. Product Review: Thermoelectric Generator

3. Product Review: Low Iron Glass

4. Product Review: Portable Thermal Imaging Camera

5. Product Review: Solar Still

6. Product Review: Home Battery Storage Systems

Rapid development in battery technology can be a bit overwhelming to  keep pace with. A variety of Lithium -ion chemistries are being concurrently researched. Synergy Files will report the most significant developments in the industry.

Similarly, in the last 5 years, quadcopter drones have seen a surge in development and rise in application. Drones are not only being used by journalist but also farmers. Synergy Files will be starting a new section dedicated to this technology. Short byte size videos on products can also be accessed from our youtube channel.

Products that may not have commercial significance but empower people particularly those dwelling in developing countries are of special significance to our organization. A number of articles on solar cookers, solar water heaters, Solar desalination plants and other cheap renewable energy options have been published. Energy scarcity at the end of the oil age will be a significant challenge to mankind. Our organization believes that this problem can be alleviated by a grass root movement, that empowers people through knowledge. If each one of us becomes a sustainable practitioner, collectively we can achieve a lot.

Synergy Files publishes detailed articles on Electric Cars frequently. The reviews on electric cars, electric planes (Solar Impulse, Airbus E Fan)  and electric boats (Planet Solar) are covered in our sustainable transport section.


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