5 Planet saving hacks

We share some planet saving tips that everyone can follow:

Sustainable future

For a sustainable future

1. Switch to LED bulbs

LED bulbs use 5 times less energy compared to traditional (incandescent) bulbs

And almost half the energy used by tube lights.Switching to LED light alone would help save 400 million tonnes of CO2 annually. 

2. Only boil water that you need

Every extra cup of water that you boil that is not used ultimately results in more carbon in the environment. The energy in the extra cup of boiled water can run a “11 W” L.E.D light bulb for over two hours.

3.Switch to Reusable bags /Cut out packaging


Non compostable plastic bags can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Photo-degradation can occur which break plastic parts into smaller more toxic parts. On average each household uses 40 plastic bags per year.  In many countries the encouragement of reusable bags have seen drop in plastic bag usage by 80%.

4. Reduce food waste


Global food wastage amounts between ⅓ to ½ of all food produced. In the developing world almost 100 kg of food per person per year is wasted.

Growing food requires irrigation which in turn requires fresh water. By reducing food wastage, plastic packaging pollution is also reduced and also shortage of fresh water.  

5. Plant trees

Deforestation and desertification are devastating the planets ecosystem.  23 Hectares of land a Minute are being lost to drought and desertification.

To restore order we need to plant more trees. Trees can now be planted in arid areas using waterbox technology. A pine tree can save upto 600 kg of atmospheric carbon. Tree plantation on large scale improves rainfall. There are organizations that plant trees for as low as a dollar.



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