This website is for students and professionals who are interested in the area of Renewable Energy and Sustainability. In a fast moving world of technology, keeping pace with information can be challenging. Synergy Files aims to provide fresh, informative and compelling articles that will help you make greener and sustainable choices in your life and career.

Synergy Files Medium Logo

Synergy Files Medium Logo

Synergy Files will endeavor to bring you information that really matters presented in a way that is easy to understand. Synergy Files is based in Scotland, a country at the forefront of Renewable energy technology.

The website has already posted over 100 articles that have helped thousands of students in increasing their understanding of the world and the nature of its energy use. Our content can also be accessed from our facebook page. In the age of smartphone, people are consuming more and more information through videos. Youtube has become the second largest search engine. Often content requiring visualization is best presented in video format. To cater for this need, Synergy Files is working towards its Youtube Channel and several videos have already been posted.

Synergy Files started as a blogsite in 2013, but overtime has evolved into a niche site. Initially articles were published sporadically but with growing readership, frequency of publication increased. Since February 2016, at least 5 articles have been published every month. Students are  encouraged  to contribute to the website as long as their content creates value and is original.

In the near future, Synergy Files will be hosting workshops that will be open to students interested in Renewable Energy. The workshop will provide hands on experience in making Solar cookers, Solar water heaters, Solar water purification systems and PV panels.

We also aim to provide online courses on Renewable energy in the near future through our Learning Management System.

Join the green revolution. Please subscribe to the website for valuable and original content and tell your friends about synergy files.

Synergy Files: Let sustainability begin

Any queries can be directed to Email: haroon_junaidi@yahoo.com



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