Perpetual Motion Machines, still fooling people

In this day an age, one would imagine that the concept of Perpetual Motion Machines, that promise energy literally out of thin air would be consigned to the bin. That is not the case however. Day in day out on the internet and in particular social media one can notice many inventions that claim free energy.  These are machines that seemingly defy the laws of thermodynamics. They deny the principles on which the development of modern civilisation rests. These machines, mostly electrical generators are given fancy names like Zero Energy or Black Energy generator etc.

If you dissect these machines, you will find all of them to be lofty ideas of what the scientific communities called Perpetual Motion Machines or PMMs. A child can come up with the idea ” what if I connect a motor to an electric generator and feed the power from the electric generator back to the motor”. Many kids do stumble upon such ideas. A good teacher at this point can tell them about the fact that even if one does get the system running through a crank start, it will only run till the friction of the air slows it down and eventually stops it. Furthermore there is no power that you can extract of this machine. This machine is only running because of the crank energy provided.

However, there are many children that perhaps pay no heed to this information. They conveniently ignore it.  Many get inspired by conspiracy theories that information on devices that produce free energy are often snuffed out by the government to keep people in energy poverty. All these factors can lead to an individual raised up with the belief, that it is possible to make energy out of nothing.

Perpetual Motion Machine

Perpetual Motion Machine Example

As a result, every day dozens of YouTube videos are uploaded based on pseudo science. They feature machine producing electricity out of no fuel. They feature cars running on water etc. All these videos indicate the lack of understanding of basic science. Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Or total energy in the system has to be equal to the difference between energy going into the system and energy coming out of it. The immense popularity of such videos only goes to indicate our collective gullibility.

Take for example the cars that run on water. There are videos that would show the cars being completely cut-off from their fuel tank. Instead the engine is connected to a “Water Kit” and the car is shown to run smoothly.  Here is what actually happens. The water goes inside the car into the  ” Water kit”. This kit is nothing but cylinders lined up with Calcium carbide. The water reacts with Calcium Carbide to produced Hydrogen gas. This gas is than tapped and burned inside the engine. This makes people think that car is running on water. In reality it requires calcium carbide which is more expensive than conventional fuel ( petrol/ diesel).

Similarly, there are electrical generators that are shown to run without the need of any fuel. If one were to look at it closely, they would find that these generators have fly wheels in them. The inventor would show that the electrical generator only needs energy to get started but once it starts running, no further energy is required. The truth is that such machines just store the energy in the flywheel when it is provided to them. They can later release that energy much slowly if the load is minimal.

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