New Course on “Making your organization Green” now available

Synergy Files is proud to present a new course titled “How to make your organization green”. This course is intended for individuals who have an interest in environmental management.
The contents in the course are relevant to any organization, be it a school, college, office, university, factory or even a house.

It teaches what are the areas to focus on most and prioritize in terms of environmental management. It should be noted that any organization that has higher environmental credential are preferred by many customers. People are getting conscious about their environmental footprint and are increasingly looking to do business with organizations that also behave responsibility in this area. Therefore to meet customers expectations in the future, it will become mandatory for almost all organizations to minimize their negative environmental impact. This course is the first step in that direction.

In the past decades, the field of Quality assurance improved substantially. This was followed by the rise in standards of health and safety at workplace. Workplaces now employ people in both these fields. Similarly in the present era, environmental sustainability is an up and coming field. Many business already have people managing their green credentials full time. Many jobs in this area will open up in the future as well.

How to make your Organization Green

How to make your Organization Green

The course will cover the most important aspects of sustainability. Sometimes because of lack of awareness, our efforts are more driven towards measures that have little or no impact on the health of the planet. This course will focus on the measures that will make a difference to the planet over the long run.

It should be noted that sustainability is not just following work instruction but an attitude. If the points on the course are given due light they can be life changing. This course will run through all the actions that you can take to make a positive impact on the planet and not just switching the lights off

The course voucher can be accessed for the following page.

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This voucher provides over 50% discount to our readers.

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