How E-Learning is democratizing Education

Internet has provided life changing opportunities for many. It has not only allowed business to flourish but has created a fluidity in information flow that was never there before. Gone are the days when research was carried out on libraries. Even a decade a go students and researchers were seen shifting through archives and periodicals. Now information and terra-bytes of it is available in the palm of your hand, in the convenience of your home. Online Education or E-learning is a huge platform. People are getting more and more hardwired to learn online.

The biggest advantage of e-learning is that it has allowed learning opportunity to those who are living in the remotest corners of the globe. There are many people in the developing world that have to travel several miles to access education, sometimes on foot. E-learning can go a long way in alleviating the socio-economic hardships that come with gaining education by the less privileged around the world.

Although it has to be said that online education is suited for mostly a mature audience and is best for subject areas that do not require hands on demonstration. It cannot replace face to face education at the primary level. Nonetheless, it can still be a handy substitute where nothing else is available.


E-Learning opportunity

Udemy is a online platform that is one of the biggest along side Coursera. The number of students on Udemy has grown exponentially year on year and is currently above 13 million. There are many free courses available on Udemy. Similarly, Youtube has not only become the second largest search engine but also the largest learning platform.

Bearing this in mind, Synergy Files has also ventured into online teaching and has produced courses for engineers that would like to make a career in Renewable Energy.

The vouchers for these courses can be obtained from the following link:

Online Courses

Future courses will include topics like CFD and Aerodynamics.

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