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Synergy Files is proud to announce a series of online courses. The idea of these courses is to help budding Engineers and Eco-enthusiast to make the right decisions in the field of Renewable Energy. Some of these courses are theoretical and broaden our understanding. Other courses will focus on practical exercises that will have more actionable information such as building your own PV panel or Solar water Heater.

The market for online courses or e-learning has gone up remarkably. Everyday there are more people using online learning tool than ever. It provides the flexibility and control over your learning time. One can be watching a tutorial video on phone while working out on treadmill in the gym.

The first course will go live today on Udemy. Until Synergy Files has a LMS platform of its own, Udemy will be the platform of choice for online courses.

Here is the list of courses, SF aims to bring for you in the months ahead.

Online Courses for Synergy Files

Online Courses for Synergy Files

  • Introduction to Heat Transfer

This course will help students understand the very important subject of heat transfer. Although this subject is one of the core subjects in mechanical engineering but its application are far reaching. From electronics to geology and even human metabolism. Heat transfer is crucial to understand if we want to get a stranglehold on energy. Even the popular subject of Global warming that is affecting humanity can be only fully understood if we have the knowledge of Heat Transfer.

  • Carbon Foot printing

The implementation of Kyoto protocol has required all nations to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Many governments have set targets for a percentage reduction in CO2 from the baseline emission levels in 1990. For example the Scottish government has set the target of 42% reduction by the year 2020. In order to make sure, emission reduction efforts are permeated in the fabric of the society, not only public institutions have been asked to comply but also private institutions and commercial/ industrial businesses. There is a huge requirement for Carbon Accountants and Energy Efficiency experts. This course on carbon accounting help students to learn about this emerging market and how to actively participate and benefit from it.

  • Course on Electric Cars

Electric cars have been recently gracing our roads. Unlike 10 years ago, when they barely existed, there is a wide variety of EVs available today. This course on electric cars will inform about the right choices. Which electric cars would provide the best value and what are the features to look out for when selecting an electric car are questions that will be addressed. Furthermore, the course will also provide information on making your own electric car. This information can be used to retrofit and IC engine car with and electric drive.

  • Course on Solar Energy

In this course Solar Energy will be covered comprehensively. There is a lack of understanding about solar resource among Solar equipment sellers and installers. For this reason, poor Solar systems are designed and end of wasting huge amount of money over the time of the project. This solar energy course will cover the fundamental of solar energy, the knowledge of which is crucial in designing an optimal system. The course is a must for anyone looking to design/ install a system or looking to start a business of Solar PV/ Solar Photovoltaics.

  • Introduction to Thermo-Fluids

In this course, the two principal subjects of Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics have been amalgamated. The knowledge of Thermo-Fluids is extremely important for Mechanical Engineers but also broadens the horizons of anyone with an interest in science. The knowledge of heat and fluids have propelled civilization forward. From the making of the first iron tools to the design of first sail boats. From the steam engines to wind turbines, harnessing the power of heat and fluids has yield dividends for us. In this online course the essence of both these subjects will be covered. The course is ideal for students looking to take up engineering in the future.

The courses will be priced from £20 to £50. Synergy Files will make sure that each course will provide great value its subscribers. Vouchers and links to these courses will be made available in this link in due time.

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