Top 10 Renewable Devices Rated by Efficiency

Efficiency of best renewable devices

Top 10 Renewable Devices by efficiency

This infographic carries information on Renewable Devices rated by efficiency.

A more detailed article on each of these technologies can be accessed form here

It should be noted that renewable devices rated by efficiency in the infographic does not necessarily imply the best devices for every situation. Their effectiveness depends mainly upon the availability of resource.

Contrary to the popular belief, PV panels are at the bottom of the list. Although with the rapid advancement, it is hoped that PV will be able to reach their maximum theoretical limit of 33.7%  (Shockley-Queisser Limit) sooner rather than later.

On the other hand wood stove makes it to the list and is at the higher end on the efficiency spectrum. A few technologies that normally evade our knowledge are Salter’s duck Wave power device and the shrouded Wind/Tidal turbine. Prof Salter’s duck has been commercially conceived as Pelamis  and Oyster wave power converters.

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