10 Golden Rules for an Independent Scotland

Flag of Scotland

It is not long before votes are cast for referendum on Scottish independence.

If people do make the choice then there is an opportunity of a renewed nation to emerge that does things differently but  fairly and shows the world  the way into the 21st Century.

10 golden rules that can set Scotland apart from the rest of the world and can lay solid foundations for its future are:

1. It should be ensured that wealth and power does not accumulate in few hands.

2. The base of the economy would be tangible goods and real services, not an obscure financial paradigm.

3. Currency will be backed up by gold, silver or any material that has intrinsic value.

4. Trade would be promoted and rewarded and schemes that aim to generate “money from money” would be demoted. Banking will be done on ethical policies and practices.

5. Corruption not just in financial, but also in social, moral and intellectual spheres would be rooted out.

6. Growth in every field will be ensured to be organic  that is aligned with natural resources. Sustainable policies will be pursued and “boom and bust” growth policies will be discouraged.

7. Strong family will be the fundamental unit of a society. Policies that help bind families must be at the heart of any governing structure.

8. People’s welfare will be safeguarded against profiteering particularly by large corporations. The government will ensure to keep the population aware and educated.

9. People and professions (teachers, doctors, builders etc) that add value to a society would be justly rewarded and promoted as opposed to pseudo celebrities, reality TV stars, and false role models.

10. Cities will not be further expanded. New towns would be developed and populated instead. In the new Scotland, small would be beautiful rather than “bigger the better”

Readers are encouraged to add their “opinions” and “rules” in comments below. I will endeavor to incorporate them.

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