Upcoming Solar Energy Course on Udemy

Synergy Files is proud to announce that a online third course on Solar Energy will be launched on 23rd of November, 2016. The course will be hosted by Udemy which is the biggest teaching platform online.

The course can now be accessed from this link

This course will teach students not only about the theoretical aspects of Solar Energy, but also about the practical considerations.

Solar Energy Online Course

Solar Energy Online Course

The course is a must for students who would like to set up their Solar Energy business. This module will be tailored for students from the subcontinent (i.e. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka). Students will be made aware about the electrical accessories already available in their local markets and how best to use them.

Solar Energy is going to become an integral part of our lives in the future.  The contents of the course on Solar Energy are as follows:


  1. Understanding Solar Resource
  2. Background of Technologies
  3.  PV Systems
  4. Solar Water Heaters
  5. Practical considerations
  6. Best Installation Practices
  7. Making use of available equipment

The coupons for the course will be shared on this page, that will allow students a  discounted price.  The course has been created by Dr. Haroon Junaidi. He has extensive experience of teaching Solar Energy at School, College and University level. He has delivered talks, workshops and  lectures at several prestigious institutions, including King’s College, London. He believes that Solar Energy is the key to solving the global challenge of climate change. He also pointed out that in the sub continent, vast majority of people running the solar energy business are not trained. Often poor installation practices leave the customers frustrated. In fact many a times the systems have been so poorly installed that their benefit is hardly noticed and therefore Solar energy has not made a mark in the subcontinent.

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