Perpetual Motion Machines

Perpetual motion machines or PMM’s have cropped up from time to time, particularly during post renaissance era. These machines, as their inventor claim, are able to move continuously, produce work or provide energy without any fuel.

 Claims that there are generators available that can furnish electricity without any input or cars that can run on water are examples of perpetual motion machines.  Even in this day and age, we do have inventors coming forward and making fantastical assertions that violate Physics in broad daylight.

 There are two reasons why people fell for these mechanized fallacies. Firstly very few people are aware of the first and second law of thermodynamics. The second reason is the conspiracy theory that large energy supplying conglomerates do not want a technology to leak into the public domain that will empower them with free energy as their business model would be ruined. It is even more remarkable when people with scientific background start believing in these machines.

 So let’s examine the laws of physics first.  One of the fundamental law of thermodynamics dictates that “Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed” or in other words energy cannot be created out of nothing. Energy can only be transformed from one form to another. The second law of thermodynamics also negates the notion of perpetual motion machines. It states that “ The entropy (disorder) of a system always naturally increases”. Or in other words, energy that is utilizable become naturally more utilizable with time.

Engr Agha Waqar's Car

Agha Waqar’s Car Demonstration

 On the basis of these two laws, one has to assert that a generator that can produce electricity continuously has to gather energy from some source. That source can be nuclear, chemical or thermal. It cannot happen that the source cannot exist.  People often talk about Nikola Tesla’s idea of the coil that would have generated energy out of thin air, that machine was never made. It was hypothetical. And even then Tesla mentioned that he was trying to tap into cosmic energy. Or in other words, he had a source in mind.

Boyle's Self Flowing Flask

Boyle’s Self Flowing Flask of continuous siphon

 On YouTube, there are dozens of videos that will show  that will show generators seemingly running on nothing. At least they are dressed up to look that way. Very often the inventors are deliberately lying and have a plug powering the instrument. In few cases, the inventor themselves are unaware.

 For example, in Pakistan a person named Agha Waqar in 2012, demonstrated a car, that  seemingly ran on water. He had a working model of the car. The reporters were shown that the fuel tank had been taken out from the car and there wasn’t any other fuel line going to the engine other than a pipe from his “water kit”.

The so called “water kit” he claimed was his trade secret. The media bought it and it was shameful that a few notable scientist also joining the bandwagon. Agha Waqar gained a lot of media limelight and became an instant celebrity. He was lauded as one of the most brilliant heroes the country has produced, deemed a national treasure. There were even calls to give him presidential security as it was perceived that big oil and gas companies may come after him.

Thankfully, Agha Waqar was challenged on live TV by a Pakistani scientist, who revealed that the “Water kit” is nothing but  a cylinder lined up Calcium Carbide. The carbide broke water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. This gas mixture was siphoned of to the I.C engine which  used it as a fuel.

 The cost of carbide in amounts for breaking down water to run a car is much higher than diesel or petrol.  After this expose’,  Agha Waqar faded as quickly as he was propped up.

It can be ascertained that PPM’s would continue to crop up even in the future.  Reason is mainly mankind’s tendency to believe what they like to believe. Our technological advancement takes us sometimes away from the fundamental laws of nature. PMM are just a manifestation of our lack of awareness.

The video below explains Perpetual Motion Machines graphically.

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